The Power of Inner Self · Our Giant Within

The Power of Inner Self
Our Giant Within

Author: Alexandria Ng

Find your Inner Self and you’ll find happiness and contentment. The power is within you.

By awakening the Giant within us – finding our Inner Self, you will be able to bring forth whatever your heart’s desires, find fulfillment and peace of mind. The Power of Inner Self is the story of Alexandria’s discovery journey of finding and the process of cultivating her Inner Self’s power.

We all desire to be happy and fulfilled and yet not knowing how to get to that place and answer life’s challenging questions. Many of us are unaware about the existence of their Inner Self nor how to begin.

For many years, author Alexandria has been searching for answer. Then in 2013, it was as if everything fell into place and she discovered her Inner Self and her Inner Self’s power. Once you discover what you know deep within, one can uncover their hidden treasures and be all they are meant to be.

When we are born into this world, challenges are already present in life. Through finding your Inner Self and tapping into his/her wisdom, you will have your own guide through this journey of life – Attain clarity to make the ‘right’ choices and decisions for your own life, gain confidence in your natural talents and abilities, develop riches and prosperity in all aspects of your life.

You deserve to have far more success, richness, fulfillment and contentment.


ISBN : 9789833639311

Author : Alexandria Ng

Publisher : Napoleon Hill Associate Books Malaysia

First Published : June 2016 











The Power of Inner Self · Our Giant Within

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