Human Technology

Human has been venturing into the field of technology ever since we discover "Energy". We create technologically advanced machinery, new telecommunication equipment, and space technology advancement. However, as human chasing for the latest materialistic technological advancement, it seems like we have ignored the existence of our own "Human Technology".

Human Technology, is the technology meant for human. With this technology, we can awaken and use our very own inborn abilities that we have since we were born. Inborn abilities are existence elements that every one of us has. Yet, there was no specific engineering process that allows us to go through and use it until now. 


Now, with Human Technology, one can awaken their Inborn abilities 

Human Inborn Intelligent

Human Functional System

   Human, we are all born with function system. As the name stated, it is the system in our body that helps us to function throughout our life, thus the name "Human Functional System".

   The Human Functional System consist of 3 parts - the brain, the mind and the sense. 

   The brain, is the existing organ in our body. The main function of the brain, is to help absorb, reconstruct and contact us with the outer world. However, the brain's capability depends on its born-with ability to learn new things. At the same time, the brain will need to go through the process of know - knowing - understand, in order to be absorb into the brain. This process is very tedious,  and it will take up a lot of time in order to reach understanding stage and to apply it later. 





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Human Technology, is the technology to be use on Human itself, to awaken our inborn abilities.

Daozigui, is the origin of Human Technology.

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